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Download Torch Browser Latest Version

Torch BrowserTorch Browser is one of the fastest and unique web browsers which you can use for web browsing. This is one of the most powerful browsers you can have among the light browsers. This browser comes with built-in downloading and sharing feature which lets you save your memory and time from downloading different types of add-on for the browser just like Opera or Google Chrome browsers.Torch Browser is a lightning fast browser due to its low space, which makes it much faster as compared to the other web browsers.Torch Browser has so many amazing built-in features that everything is just a single click away. You can also  Download Safari Browser.

Torch Browser Overview

The very first reason that anyone would like to use Torch Browser is that this browser does not require any additional programs or add-on because everything is already installed in it, all you need to do is just to click it. There are several features of this browser like downloader of Torch Browser is very unique. If there is any video or audio file on the present web page then this downloader gives you the option to download them automatically in different versions and you can even download any video in the form of MP3.

Features of Torch Browser

Another great feature of Torch Browser is its Torrent manager, which means now you need not use Utorrent for the torrent download, just simply click the file and download will start in the browser just like any other normal downloads.Moreover, the stunning media player inside the Torch Browser filehippo is really helpful for playing the online video without any interruption. This player buffers the video as fast as possible, and you can smoothly watch any High Definition video over that smoothly.Moreover, if there is any video which is still in the downloading process you can start to watch it before it finishes to be downloaded.

All in one Torch Browser

Here the features do not ends, but they have just started, and one other feature of Torch Browser which not any other browser have is the Facelift button on the upper side of the browser. With the help of that button, you can design the Facebook page just like you want. You can change the fonts, backgrounds of the pages, colors of the page or rearrange the icons on it. This is not possible by any other browser yet.

Software Details

  • Software Name: Torch Browser
  • License: Freeware
  • Author:
  • Supported: Windows (All Versions)

Let’s Start Download Torch Browser Latest Version

Download Here

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