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Download Baidu Spark Browser Latest Version

Baidu Spark BrowserBaidu spark browser provides the easy access to the internet which nowadays has become the basic necessity of the modern man. Almost every task of a person living in today’s world especially in developed countries relies on the internet. The Internet has the complete control of our lives. From knowledge to entertainment, the source of all of them is entertainment. Browsers and applications are what that provides the easy access to the internet, application as on one is fixated to other entertainment, communication or whatever reason it is for but browsers in the other hand provides vast opportunities and ways you can benefit from the internet. Download Free AdwCleaner.

About Baidu Spark Browser

Baidu spark browser is just like the Google chrome web browser and just like it is also based on the Chromium. This browser is developed and published by, a most renowned name in the internet world, Baidu. Baidu is basically a Chinese company that is running many successful projects and is very popular. Baidu spark browser is one of its most successful projects. Being so similar to Chrome web browser you can also use the additional features and extensions of chrome in it. Also Download FireFox Brwoser.

Features of Baidu spark browser

Baidu spark browser, unlike other browsers, has some additional features that makes it so much better. Following are some of its features

  • One of the amazing feature of the Baidu spark browser id that it has a sidebar that helps us easily operate the browser without interrupting our internet surfing process. Almost most of the functions of the browser are controlled by the sidebar like changing tabs and bookmarking important websites and what not.
  • Another alluring feature of Baidu spark browser Filehippo that for sure you haven’t experienced before is that it has its own developed mouse gestures that make the internet surfing a whole lot easier and fun. With just a single wipe off you mouse, you can control your browser.
  • Taking screenshots of the important stuff that you had to find while your internet surf is another perk of the Baidu spark browser. You no longer have to save the bookmarks or send links to someone when you can do it all with screenshots.
  • Even if you don’t like the theme of this browser you can always change it according to your style. Changeable skins of the browser allow you to change the theme according to the way you like.
  • A separate media button allows you to download pictures and videos with great ease.

Baidu spark browser over the other browsers

Baidu spark browser even though claimed to be like Google chrome browser is better than that and it is all due to its additional features that make it a good choice for an internet user. Considering all the amazing features be wise while choosing a browser for your mobile or computer.

Software Details

  • Software Name: Baidu Spark Browser 43.23.1000.476
  • License: Freeware
  • Author:
  • supported operating System: Windows (All Versions)

Let’s Start Download Baidu Spart Browser for All windows

Download Here

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