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Download 1stBrowser 45.0.2454.139 Latest Version

1stBrowserBrowsers are widely used and most downloaded for the use of internet and 1stbrowser is one of this types. The Internet has been helping our lives since the very start of it and will keep improvising our lives more and better in the near future. The Internet without browsers is no use. Browsers are like the portal to the vast world of the internet and without them, we cannot have proper and easy access to the internet. Many browsers for this purpose are available online for download and each of them has its own specific features that make it different than the others. Also Download Firefox Office Installer Free.

What 1stbrowser is?

1stbrowser like chrome web browser is also a chromium base browser. It is almost similar to chrome browser bar with slightly different specifications. Being similar to Google chrome browser, 1stbrowser provides you with the similar interface making it more easy to use since you then do not have to take more time to understand a new browser. Several new and different specifications that are not present in other browsers make it fun to use. Simple and easy to use nature of this browser is what that makes it more appealing and popular among the people. You Can also Download Google Chrom Offline Installer Free.

Specifications of 1stbrowser

Specifications that make 1stbrowser more appealing and different from the other browsers are

  • The changeable theme of 1stbrowser makes it fun to use. You can customise the theme of your browser according to the theme of your computer or device or however you like. Just go for it.
  • Not only themes but 1stbrowser also provides you with the changeable icons and you can apply them according to the theme or your browser. Apart from theme and icons 1stbrowser also have customised and changeable wallpapers. You can do whatever you want with your browser to make internet surfing more fun.
  • 1stbrowser has an icon of favourites where you can add your favourite sites or your browser will add the most visited sites there itself. So whenever you want to go to your favourite site you will have to just click to your favourites and choose the one you want to visit.
  • Most people face with security issues since the privacy of the user is at stake every time they are surfing the internet. 1stbrowser makes sure to eradicate this fault and makes its users feel safe.
  • It also provides the fast access to the internet than most of the browsers.

Why choose 1stbrowser?

1stbrowser in many aspects is better than the other browsers considering the fast and safe access to the internet world without any hindrance.

software Details

  • Software Name: 1stBrowser 45.0.2454.139
  • Licence: Freeware
  • Supported Windows:  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Autour:

Now Just Click on Download Button for Get 1stBrowser in your PC

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